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Git tutorial 1: What is Git? Why use Git and How to install it?

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We are going to start a series of tutorials on Git and GitHub in which we will learn about these technologies and why we should care about this technology. So in this first Git and Github tutorial, we are going to lean what is git and GitHub.

What is Git?

Git is an open source distributed version control system which is available for free and specially designed to handle small and large every type of project with speed and efficiency.

What is Git? Git Official site download and install

Version Control System:

So what does version control system mean? It is a software which is used by many software developers and this software help developer to track the changes developers make in code over time. It is used to take a backup or snapshot of your code that you can recall later if you need it.

VCS provides a way to the developer to work with different version of the code so that we can save different features and make notes as we progress and have a different version that we can retrieve and through time. Version control system also helps the developer to collaborate with other developers and incorporate with the different version of any project or piece of code that different developers wrote.

What is Github?

There is a misconception that Git and Github is the same thing but they are not. Git is the technology while the Github is a website or an application that works with Git.

Why should we care about Git?

Git is used to tracking the changes in code, it is used widely by many developers and currently have more than 30 million repositories on GitHub. So if you will work in the team, so you need Git to track the changes that you make in code or your coworker make in code. It still one of the best tool to keep the changes even if you are working as an individual. It will help you to retrieve the previous code and keep the track of every single change that you make in your code and then these tracks will help you later in understanding the code and recovering the project.

Git is not just only for software development project or just only to keep the record of code it is also used to manage the process of writing novel, books or screenplay. So let’s suppose you are the writer and you have some Amazing story in your head, so you write that story and save it in your PC. After some time you want to change some part of your story then you will make a copy of your story. In copy version, you will make changes and then save it as a new file. Now if you want to make changes again then you will have to repeat the same process. So you have to keep track of every file and the changes you make. It is very hard for any individual to deal with many files. So that’s a problem, and to tackle this problem you will use Git. Just create a file and in that file, you will write the story and make changes. Git will track every change you make in your story and will help you to restore that changes later.

How to install Git? 

TO install Git on your operating system, go to the official Git site and download the latest version of Git. After downloading the git installer run that installer, it will show you following screen.

Download and install Git Github

Click next, then provide the destination of the software where you want to install it and click next.

How to download and install git and Github

After this screen, it will ask you to select the start menu screen. On that screen use default Git start menu folder. You can also Browse to select a new folder location for start menu folder.

After that, on the “Choosing the default editor used by Git” screen. Select the ‘vim the ubiquitous text editor as Git’s default editor’ and click next.

Choosing the default editor used by Git

Then it will ask you to adjust your path environment. On the path environment screen, you will select ‘Use Git and optional Unix Tools’ and click next.

Use Git and optional Unix Tools

In the next screen, use the openSSL library and hit next.

use the openSSL library

Then use Windows’ default window on configuring the terminal emulator screen and click next and hit the install button. The installation will take a few minutes. After completing the installation click on the finish button.

Now to test the installation open command prompt windows and write git –version command and hit enter. It will display the version of Git.

Check version of git installed



In this knowledge bit, we have learned what is Git and discussed the difference in between Git and Github. We have also discussed why we should use Git. Then we have seen that how we can install Git in our operating system.

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