Top 10 Augmented Reality SDKs in 2018

TOP 10 Augmented Reality AR SDK

Augmented Reality (AR) is on a rise and have become a worthwhile topic in many industries. It has gone far away from science fiction to practical reality. AR rapidly spreading in a variety of industries including marketing, media, and healthcare.

Top 10 Augmented Reality SDKs for Application Development:

Augmented Reality:

So, the question is what is augmented reality?  It is the real time integration of the digital information or layer with the user physical environment. Unlike virtual reality which creates a completely new artificial environment, augmented reality add some digital 3D models in the existing environment. So this technology is used to add sounds, video, 3D and 2D graphics, in the user’s physical environment.


AR SDK is the tool or kit which is used to develop augmented reality application. Software development kit allows developers to develop digital objects to appear in the real world. AR SDK plays a vital role in developing augmented reality application. And choosing right SDK is the tricky task. Here is the list of top SDK available for developing AR application.


1.      Vuforia

AR vuforia SDK

Vuforia is one of the most popular and well-recognized AR tool. It best tool for developing an augmented reality application. Vuforia can recognize 2D, 3D objects, cylinders and consumer products. It can recognize English text words. You can also play video on targeted surface using Vuforia.

The Vuforia SDK is available for free, but the free version have limited features and contain Vuforia watermark.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS and Windows 10

2.      Apple ARKit

Apple AR tool kit 2018

This tool is presented by Apple during the Worldwide Developers Conference. ARKit is the best option if you want to develop an augmented reality application for IOS. It has the stable and fast motion tracking system. With AR kit you can enable horizontal plane like floors, tables etc. it also has the functionality to automatically estimate lights in the real world and then adjust them.

Supported platforms: iOS and Mac OS.

3.      Google ARCore

Google ARcore SDK

Like Apple, Google also has its own AR SDK. So it a tool kit for developing and designing augmented reality application. ARCore support motion tracking and allow users to move around and interact with digital content. Like Apple ARkit, it is also allowed to calculate the light and then adjust the light dynamically according to the physical environment.

Supported platforms: Android Studio, Unity, Unreal Engine, Web


4.      Wikitude Slam SDK

wikitude AR SDK 2018

It’s a cross-platform augmented reality SDK tool and it is powerful enough to develop complex application for Android and iOS. It has some rich features like Instant tracking facility, Multiple image tracing, Image tracking and recognition, Object tracking and recognition and it provides Support for ARCore, Geolocation AR apps, and ARKit.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows for tablets, smart glasses (Epson Moverio, Vuzix M100, ODG R-7).

Supported development frameworks: Native API, JavaScript API, Unity3D, Xamarin, Titanium, and Cordova.

5.      AR.js

AR.js AR SDK for developemtn

Ar.js is open source, free and effective JavaScript-powered SDK for the web. It works efficiently almost on every mobile device with webGL and webrtc. If you are looking for an open source web-based SDK then AR.js is the best for you.

Supported platforms: JavaScript, web.

6.      EasyAR

EasyAR SDK Tool kit for 2018

EasyAR is free, open source and an alternative SDK to Vuforia. It supports many features in its free feature including 3D Object Recognition, Smart Glass Solution, App Cloud Packaging, Environment perception, and Cloud Recognition.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, UWP, Windows, Mac and Unity Editor.

7.      ARToolKit

ARToolkit for 2018

It is an open-source augmented reality toolkit which is used to tailor the source code for your mobile application. It supports features includes Natural Feature Tracking, Traditional template square marker, and 2D Barcode Markers

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, and Unity Editor.

8.      MaxST

Maxst AR ToolKit

MaxST is a very famous and comprehensive augmented reality SDK. This tool offers a variety of features includes Image Tracker, Instant Tracker, Visual SLAM, Object Tracker and QR/Barcode Scanner. MaxST is available for free but with the watermark applied to each project. The Pro license costs $499.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS.

9.      DeepAR

DeepAR SDK tool kit

It is another efficient and one of the famous AR SDK tool which is capable of recognizing faces and facial recognition. This tool specially designed for advanced and rich feature user-friendly application. DeepAR offers features like precise image rendering on low specification devices and high-quality face lenses Real-time face detection.

Supported platforms: PC, Android, iOS, Windows, WebGL.

10. Xzimg

xzimg AR Developement Kit

Xzimg is created by a Hong Kong-based company and provide the facility of real-time face tracking and creating an AR-based application. Xzimg SDK incorporate with three main products which include augmented vision, augmented face and magic face

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows.


In this article, we have mentioned the best tools available for developing augmented reality application. If something we have missed then must let us know in the comments section below.

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