Bootstrap Lesson 1: What is Bootstrap, Why we use it?

Bootstrap Programming Tutorial What-is-Bootstrap, Advantages of Bootstrap

In this knowledge bit, we are going to introduce a new tool called Bootstrap. We will discuss what is Bootstrap, the advantages of Bootstrap, and the reasons to choose the Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is one of the famous, widely used and essential tool for front-end web development.

What is Bootstrap:

What is Bootstrap Definition and Advantages



Bootstrap is one of the famous front-end frameworks which is created by former Twitter employees Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto. Bootstrap is free, open source and one of the most famous HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing the mobile-first and responsive website. You can create the rich-featured responsive site with just basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Bootstrap provides the wide range of premade template including forms, tables, buttons, typography, navigation, modals, Dropdowns, Alerts, Tabs, Accordion, Carousel and JavaScript plugins.

With Bootstrap, you can create a responsive site easily without wasting a lot of time.

Bootstrap required three main files:

  • CSS – it is a Bootstrap framework for CSS.
  • js – it is a Bootstrap framework for JavaScript/jQuery.
  • glyphicons – it provides the wide range of icon fonts.

You can use jQuery with Bootstrap to add additional features. It is very popular among developers and widely used JavaScript library.


Why choose the Bootstrap Framework:

There are many reasons to choose Bootstrap to develop the web application. Here is some notable feature of Bootstrap:

Easy to get started:

Bootstrap can easily be integrated into the website which saves a lot of time and effort. There are many predefined classes, design, and template which help in development work.


The features of Bootstrap is responsive. It will automatically resize images based on the resolution of your device. For example, bootstrap automatically changes resolution for the Desktop site and for the mobile phone site too.


As we mentioned that above, Bootstrap is not just responsive, but its mobile-friendly too. Bootstrap is actually designed for mobile phone devices. The content can be divided into the maximum of 12 columns to 6, 4, 3, column depending upon the device size. Mobile-first approach makes the site on the mobile device more attractive.


Almost all the browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera supports bootstrap.

Grid system:


CSS Box system. How css works?


Bootstrap comes with the grid system. It is built on the 12-column grid system, it is an essential aspect of this system. No matter you want fixed or responsive grid you can easily add with few changes.


Bootstrap’s Components:

Bootstrap comes with the bunch of useful components which you can easily include into your site.

Here is the list of some pre-styled Bootstrap components:

  • Dropdowns
  • Progress bars
  • Thumbnails
  • Button Groups
  • Navigation Bar
  • Labels & Badges
  • Alerts
  • And many others.

These are the premade template of Bootstrap components which you can include in your project in just in minutes.


Styling of HTML Elements:

With using bootstrap you can easily style al the fundamental HTML elements like headings, lists, tables, buttons, forms, etc.

Here is the list of HTML elements for which Bootstrap provide styling:

  • Typography
  • Code
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Icons

Bootstrap can be used to build any resolution and scale from small blogging site to large corporative website. There are many notable organizations which using bootstrap like NASA, VOGUE, University of Washington, FIFA, Newsweek, and many more. One of the advantages of bootstrap is that it is open source, and have the huge community of designer and developer. Their community is supportive and helpful.

Download Bootstrap:

Download Bootstrap from its github repository

The Bootstrap Framework is available on GitHub. You can easily download from the official site.


Now, In this Bootstrap tutorial, We have given the introduction of Bootstrap and discussed why we should use bootstrap in our web Project. We have discussed the advantages of bootstrap too. In the upcoming programming tutorial, we will learn that how we can make the responsive website using Bootstrap. You can follow our bootstrap series as well.

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