Best Bluetooth VR Guns

Best Bluetooth Virtual Reality Guns

When virtual reality meets Bluetooth VR guns, your game just got better than you ever imagine. Physical interaction is everything in the world of Bluetooth VR guns. You want to get the most out of your gaming accessory weapons. Look for a seamless integration of virtual reality and full physics action for results that satisfy.

Bluetooth VR guns are all about the experience. Using the weapon should be intuitive and rewarding on a variety of levels, including authentic reports, visual live fire flash, shell ejection, and precision eye tracking in both crossfire and fusillade trigger action.

You can expect Bluetooth VR guns to simulate the kind of recoil that elevates the gaming experience while shooting stationary and moving targets. Pre-programmed haptic feedback gives you the sensation of firing an automatic pistol or rifle.

So how do the best VR Bluetooth guns stack up? Take a look at these top four shooting devices:


PP Gun Controller for HTC Vive:

Virtual reality PP Gun Controller for HTC Vive

The PP Gun Controller for HTC Vive presents gamers with an authentic accessory designed for an immersive shooting experience. The shape, size and weight replicate the physical characteristics of the real weapon, right down to the recoil you’d expect to shoulder.

The pistols and rifles have menu buttons, a track-pad, an authentic-style trigger and a grip button so you can customize your settings.

Cost: $799.99

PlayStation VR Aim Controller:

PlayStation VR Aim Controller Virtual Reality

If you’re looking for an intuitive gaming weapon with a feather-light trigger action, the Playstation VR Aim Controller is your choice. Enjoy experiencing the precision and accuracy of this accessory, along with the recoil sensations that will keep you engaged in the moment.

The price more than makes up what the PlayStation VR Aim Controller lacks in looks and weight.

Cost: $59.99

SZCYCX Bluetooth Gun:

SZCYCX Bluetooth Gun gaming World

SZCYCX’s gun is equipped with a gyro-sensor, high capacity battery, and support for Android and iOS. Gun’s design allows simple use and its weight won’t make your hands feel tired after the use. All in all, SZCYCX Bluetooth gun is great and affordable choice for your gaming equipment.

Cost: $85.01

MAG P90 VR Gun Controller for HTC Vive:

MAG P90 VR Gun Controller for HTC Vive, Virtual reality

Since its inception a few years ago, the newer 3rd generation MAG P90 VR Gun Controller for HTC Vive ticks off many of the features gamers want in their Bluetooth VR guns. Compatible with all first-person shooting games, this ergonomic gun offers authentic motion capture and recoil sensation. It’s a plug and device that puts you in the action fast.

Cost: $455.99

What’s next?

You can expect the next generation of Bluetooth VR guns to become even more authentic. Continued hardware improvements offer real tactical sensations and heft, as well as software enhancements that blur the line between gaming and reality. Developers are already creating force-grab features making you wish the weapons into your hands. Prices of these devices are going down, and technology is getting better and better with every generation. Shooting your way out of any game has never been more exciting!

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